Now You Can Connect and Chat with the Crowd around You, Without Phone signal or wi-fi!

Make friends, offer services or stuff, or find what you need and connect with right people around you with the NearZone app.

NearZone is the Social MarketPlace 100 feet around You!

  • We believe people should not feel alone in a crowd.
  • We believe in helping people to connect with others around them and let them meet instantly.
  • We believe in breaking barriers between strangers and making the world a friendlier place.
  • And get things done! make friends! and share!
  • Are you with us? Use the NearZone app and spread the word.
  • Interact With The Crowd Around You

    Everyday we walk with the crowd as strangers. NearZone changes that! Connect and Chat with people around you without exchanging phone numbers

  • The Social MarketPlace 100 feet Around You

    NearZone App turns the 100 feet radius around you in to a MarketPlace where you can make friends, find accompany, buy, sell, give or get

  • Broadcast What You Want

    You can broadcast what you want to the crowd around you by setting your profile message. Others in your NearZone can see your message and may send a request to connect to you if there is a meeting of the minds

  • Search and Connect

    Search and Scan your NearZone to see who is broadcasting a message. If you like something you can send a connect request to them. For example, looking for an extra ticket for a friend at the event? Just Search your NearZone to see if someone is selling it

  • 1:1 Chat

    Even though you may be few feet apart from the person you are chatting with they will not know your phone number until you give it out.

  • Expandable Range

    More people around you using the NearZone app will expand your NearZone to a larger area. So if you are at an airport and a lot of people are using it, you can get connected to almost anybody in the airport.

  • Secure Chat

    Unlike other chat apps, your chat does not go through any server. It just jumps from phone to phone. It is not stored in any server, and not even on your phone. So it is secure.

  • No Wi-Fi or Phone Signal Needed

    The NearZone app uses BlueTooth technology in your phone to broadcast, connect and chat. So you do not need Wi-Fi or Phone Signal. Also your battery consumption is very low.

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