The Communication app for group chat by NearZone™

When there is no communication towers or phone signals or wi-fi and you want to have a coordinated team working on a mission. DisasterTalk™ can help. This is the sister app created by the team NearZone™ as a social cause. Wether you are hiking in the wilderness and want to keep in touch with your group, or if you are a part of a search party, or just want to group chat, DisasterTALK™ mobile app for iPhone and Android will help you do that.

What is the difference between DisasterTALK™ and NearZone™?

DisasterTALK is a group chat app which uses no wi-fi or phone signal. When you connect to a person with DisasterTALK you will automatically get connected to everyone they are connected to. But NearZone™ is a one to one private chat app which lets you broadcast your message and connect with one person in the crowd around you at a time.  DisasterTALK™ is for group chatting only where large number of people are coming together to stay connected on a mission.


DisasterTALK by NearZone

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